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Nepal Tour Packages : Lower Dolpo Treks

Dolpa is located inside the Shy – Phoksundo National Park of mid – western Nepal, behind the Dhaulagiri massif, towards the Tibetan Plateau.  Cut off by a series of very high passes, clossd by snow most of the year, Dolpa remains a truly isolated corner of Nepal.  Time has stood still here for centuries as the inhabitants of Tibetan stock continue to live, cultivate and trade the way they have done since time immemorial.  The finally preserved Eco–system encompasses a wild and wonderful variety of plants and wildlife, including the blue sheep and leopard.  A trek through Dolpa is an experience not easily forgotten.




Day 01 :- Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and stay there

Day 02 :- Another short flight from Nepalgunj to Juphal and Trek to Dunai and Camp (B/F+L+D).

Day 03 :- Trekking from Dunai to Tarakot and Camp (B/F+L+D).

Day 04 :- Trek to Tharpa Khola and Camp (B/F+L+D).

Day 05 :- Trek to Tharpa Khola II and Camp (B/F+L+D).

Day 06 :- Trek from Tharpa Khola II to Dho and Camp (B/F+L+D).

Day 07 :- Rest day at Dho for acclimatization (B/F+L+D).

Day 08 :- Explore around Dho (B/F+L+D).

Day 09 :- Trekking from Dho to Numala Base Camp (B/F+L+D).

Day 10 :- Trekking from Numala Base Camp to Bagala Base Camp (B/F+L+D).

Day 11 :- Trekking from Bagala Base Camp to Yak Kharka (B/F+L+D).

Day 12 :- Trekking from Yak Kharka to Phoksundo Lake and Camp (B/F+L+D).

Day 13 :- Rest day at Phoksundo Lake for acclimatization (B/F+L+D).

Day 14 :- Explore around Phoksundo Lake. Watch "Himalaya by Eric Valli" for a magnificent view of the lake (B/F+L+D).

Day 15 :- Trekking form Phoksundo Lake to Sali Gad and then to Sepka overnight at Camp (B/F+L+D).

Day 16 :- Trekking from Sepka to Dunai and Camp (B/F+L+D).

Day 17 :- Trekking from Dunai to Juphal (B/F+L+D).

Day 18 :- Fly from Juphal to Nepalgunj and then to Kathmandu (B/F+L).