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Nepal Tour Packages : Bhairav Kunda Treks

Bhairav Kunda in Sanskrit means holy lake named after the destructive image of lord Shiva, the bhairav. It is located to the northeast of Katmandu next to panch pokhari and closer to nepal-Tibetan border. The starting point for the trek at larcha in the arniko highway

The settlements on the route from near gurungs, and Sherpa as majorities. The top of Bhairav kunda offers an excellent view of Rowling Range, judal himal range and Tibetan Himalayan ranges.




Day 01:- kathmandu-jalbire (1,000M)

Day 02:- jalbiri-Chanute (1,200M)

Day 03:- Chanute-khani Gaon -6 hrs

Day 04:- kanio gaon-rest-day (explore the culture and tradition of the newari village.

Day 05:- khani Gaon-forest camp- 6 hrs.

Day 06:- forest camp-pati (3,950M) it is 5.

Day 07:- pati-Bhairav kunda it is a 2 hrs up hill walk to get to kunda. Bhairav kunda is situated at an altitude of (4,150M) it is a big holy lake and there small tempal of lord Shiva nearby. Once every year during June / July, pilgrims from different parts of Nepal visit kunda to take holy bath and pay homage to lord Shiva.

Day 08:- Bhairab kunda –bhairab kunda top (4,500M) - Sherpa Gaon. Early morning walk to bhairab kunda top to see the sun rise and close Mountain View of langtang, Jugal himal range, and Rowling rage and Tibetan range 6 hrs steep descent will reach to Sherpa village.

Day 09:- Sherpa goan –larche it takes 4 hrs to reach the bank of bhote Koshi River called larche.

Day 10:- larche- kathmandu it is about 6 hrs scenery drive back to kathmandu.